Senin, 23 Juni 2014

The Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning has many advantages that one can benefit from. One is you can avoid health hazards that dirty carpets can bring into your home. Aside from that, a clean carpet is nice to look at and it brings a light feeling into your home. 

Do you know that carpet cleaning is not just merely vacuuming and washing carpets? Carpet cleaning has a variety of methods that you, as a homeowner have a choice of. These methods of carpet cleaning are used by professional carpet cleaners like Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning. Let me explain each of these methods below.

Steam Cleaning - This method is also known as the hot water extraction method and is considered as one of best method of cleaning carpets. Steam cleaning is done with the use of portable cleaning equipment or cleaning equipment mounted in truck. The bigger one is much preferred because it is more effective. This is the best method to use when the carpet that's being cleaned is heavily soiled. 

The process involves an application of a cleaning solution to the carpet, after which, the solution is rinsed by hot water. Because of flushing the carpet repeatedly, this method thoroughly cleans the carpet and eliminates bacteria within it. After cleaning, the carpet is expected to dry after 24 hours. Because of the intense heat used during cleaning, all the harmful micro organisms living within the carpet are eliminated.

Dry Cleaning - The dry cleaning method has different variations to it, foam, powder and bonnet method.

Foam method - after applying shampoo, a machine stirs this up to absorb the dirt. After this, it will be left to dry and once dry; it will be vacuumed to remove the dirt and soil in it. The carpet will eventually dry quickly but it's not thoroughly cleaned, some residues may be left behind. 

Powder method - a powder which is a little moist is applied to the carpet. This will absorb the soil and dirt in the carpet. After that, it will be left to dry then vacuumed. The same as the foam method, the carpet will dry quickly but it will not be thoroughly cleaned since some deposits will still be left behind.

Bonnet Method - Unlike the other two sub-types of dry cleaning method, the bonnet cleaning method is one of the best carpet cleaning method around, coming next to the steam cleaning method. The process involves the application of a cleaning solution into the carpet to absorb dirt and soil. The cotton bonnets of the spinning machine soaks up the solution which facilitates the cleaning process. 

If you want to have your carpets cleaned carefully and effectively, make sure to ask your local carpet cleaners what method is best used for the material that your carpets are made of. Good carpet cleaners like Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning, will tell you the best way your carpets can be cleaned and at the same time preserve its material. If you are around the Las Vegas area, you may want to contact them.

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